TÜV and Typenschild

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TÜV and Typenschild


Beitrag von Eadmund » 25. Sep 2022, 19:58


I got these forum details from the UK Mg Owners club pages, and was wondering if anyone in this forum could help!

My 1972 MGB that is currently garaged (for the last 5 years) at my mother-in-laws house in Maintal Germany (with English number plates, but a UK off road registration) needs to get a TUFF (German MOT)– It has been worked on and is with luck road worthy (Hazard lights, correct headlights with correct EU markings etc).

To get a TUFF, I am told I need a “TypenChild”,– which I need to complete, and I am having trouble finding what values to stamp!

- German = English (via Google) = Value
- HERST. = Manufacturer = "MG"
- ABE NR. = Allgemeine Betriebserlaubnis ((ABE) - National Type Approval = ???
- Fz-Ident.-Nr. = Vehicle ID no = "VIN #" (in UK, is my guess (Vehicale Ideinitifcation Number))
- Eigengew. = Own Weight = ??? Kg (overall car Weight?) – I think this is “Unladen Weight”, and is 2303 lb (1044 kg)?
- zul.Gesamtgew. = permitted total weight = ??? Kg – I think this is Curb Weight, and is 2653 lb (1203 kg) OR Gross Weight 2753 lb (1249 kg) max, the second being more likely
- Hubraum = displacement = ??? ccm. I think this is the cc, and is “1798”
- Typ = Type (??) = ??? (Fuel type?)
- Bauj. = baujahr = Build Year= 1972
These next 2 I have never seen listed separately, and I am guessing as the MGB is supposed to have a near 50/50 weight distribution, just divide 1249 by 2 and call that the front and rear values??
- zul Achslast vorn = permissible axle load in front = ???
- hintern = rear (permissible axle load) = ???

What I need help with is the ??? and potentially the more meaningful translation of the German, or just a photo of a completed MGB roadster Typenchild?

All help much appreciated!!!!!!


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Re: TÜV and Typenschild


Beitrag von 2sheep » 26. Sep 2022, 08:16

Hi Eadmund,

I‘ll try to put here a photograph of my own „Typenschild“. As this is a similar MGB from ‘73 this will maybe help you to get all data.


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Re: TÜV and Typenschild


Beitrag von JuanLopez » 26. Sep 2022, 09:56

Hi Eadmund,

maybe this picture helps you.
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Re: TÜV and Typenschild


Beitrag von sundayracer » 29. Sep 2022, 21:55

Maybe is this Link helpfully for you:

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